The Imati, Death Comes at a Price

by C T Hillin

Do you know what it feels like to die? Alastrina Byrne does; she dies all the time. She has felt the pangs of starvation, the wounds of being stoned and the burn of fire behind cries of "witch." Yet, she cannot reach her true death. She is a three-century-old Imati with the face of a seventeen-year-old girl.

Ally is on the run from Seeker assassins, a secret brotherhood determined to kill her kind. Forced to flee and pack up her life for the umpteenth time, she moves cross-country to hide out in a small, but quirky town: Belfast, Maine.

Ally just wants to be "normal" -- but she is haunted by the mistakes of her past. However Belfast and its residents are different and for the first time in a century, she meets a boy -- Connor Winfield.

But Connor has secrets of his own; secrets that could get Ally killed and the two of them together will change everything.

Set in a world of immortals, Souljumpers, Seekers and ancient prophecies -- with flashbacks to Ally's life in 18th century Ireland, the French Revolution, 19th century South America, a slave ship bound for the New World, and beyond -- this is a journey about choices and how the decisions we make in the past, have consequences in our future.

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